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H R Jothipala Tribute Page

H R Jothipala Tribute

This page is created as a tribute to H R Jothipala, a singer with unique talent and abilities who raised to the top of the sinhala music arena from humble beginnings.
we thought to create this page as well, for your listening pleasure.
In the early parts of 1950s, H R Jothipala recorded his first song titled "Mage Ran Raajini" and became an instant hit. Before recording this song, Jothi had a single lyric "Thotiyo" in the background of Wasantha Sandanayaka's song - "Mahaweli Nadiyee." Jothi entered into an unparalleled career of Film background singing by recording "Siriyaa Me Sara" for "Surathali" in the latter parts of 1950s and continued to record songs for Sinhala Films until his untimely death on July 07, 1987.

Born as the first child of a middle-classed family from Southern Sri Lanka, Jothi had a natural talent for vocalising songs. The numerous songs he recorded for films, cassettes, LPs, and CDs, have created so many Hits and were well received by the fans of all ages and walks of life. The songs appearing in this site themselves speak volumes on his unique talent and versatility. We sincere hope that you will also enjoy his recordings

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H.R.Jothipala Solo Song's

H.R.Jothipala Solo Song's

Api Denna Pokunai Piumai - H.R.Jothipala

Babara Vage - H.R.Jothipala

Chandana Ellen Nala - H.R.Jothipala

Dili Dili Dili Sevi Madese Aloke - H.R.Jothipala

Gana Andakarayen Midi - H.R.Jothipala

Giya Kiyala Ma Dama - H.R.Jothipala

Ipadi Lowe Nawathen Pale - H.R.Jothipala & Grashan Ananda

Keevemi Oba Hata - H.R.Jothipala

Mage Rajini - H.R.Jothipala

Mama Gannami - H.R.Jothipala

Mame Me Baka muna - H.R.Jothipala

Me Gee Katadayi - H.R.Jothipala

Monalisa - H.R.Jothi Pala

Niyare Lande - H.R.Jothipala

Obe Hada Prema Vantha Hegume - H.R.Jothipala

Pahan Tebayata - H.R.Jothipala

Palu Susane - H.R.Jothipala

Pana Wagai Hitiyata - H.R.Jothipala

Piyanani Ma Obe Puthu Vee - H.RJothipala

Ra Daval Mal Hegum - H.R.Jothipala

Raa Saduta Hora - H.R.Jothipala

Ran Ata Pota - H.R.Jothipala

Sal Sapuna Nil Manel - H.R.Jothipala

Sangeetha Madale - H.R.Jothipala

Siriyamesara - H.R.Jothipala

Sitha Paranavado - H.R.Jothipala

Voice Of Jothiapala

*මෙම සියලු ගීත පැරණි සංගීත සහිත වෙ.


H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka Songs

Sudu Pata Meedum - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Dothin Doathai - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Meedum gala Kande - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Honda Siriyawai - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Gimhane Hada Niuna - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Atha Dilisena Rantharu - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Mal Wahi Seethala Mal - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Nupurudu Hagumaki - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilake

Pata podak - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilake

Ranmasu Ran Piri - H.R.Jothipala & Anjalin Gunathilaka

Senehasa Pawa - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Sithin Darannata - H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Gunathilaka

Thaniye Aware Asuna Aea Rave - H.R Jothipala & Anjalin Gunathilake
Sri Lankiya Ithihasaye Methek Behivi Ethi. Etha Vishita Kala Karuwan Ha Ohuna Visin Gayana KaranaLada Geetha Ekathuwak.
Lowa Sithina Siyalu Sri Lankeeya Janathawa Wenuwen Ediripath kirima mage Aramunai.